Noelani means...

We welcomed our baby girl into our family on October 1st. Its been such a short time and I can't remember what life was like before her. Its almost like she was always here somehow. Isn't it crazy how someone so small can complete a family unit? And we didn't even know we were incomplete until she was born. I feel blessed to say the least.

I'd like to share a bit of this birth experience because it was so different from my experience with Noah.

I liked the name Noelani since the first time I heard it- at least 17 years ago. (Thankfully, Kristhian also liked the name.) It wasn't until Noah was born that I decided to actually look up the meanings of the names we'd chosen for our kids. (Fun fact: Our children's names was actually one of the first things Kristhian and I discussed- even before officially becoming a couple.) The meanings of these names have meant so much to me because both of our babies were born in a season where their names have just... fit. Noelani means "mist of heaven".

You know, if you've followed us for a while, that last year we went through a really crazy season. Through our son, Noah, God brought me comfort personally during the one of the most trying times of my life. This year is a bit different. We are in a completely different season but its been difficult as well. There are several transitions that we are going through that I'll be sharing about soon. But during this time... I've felt God differently.

In 1 Kings, we see the story of the prophet Elijah. There are two instances where we see characteristics of God. One where He shows His power and sends fire from the sky and another where He speaks to Elijah in a gentle whisper. (1 Kings 19:12) That's where I'm at right now. I've seen God's power. I've seen firsthand how He can comfort me with His strong arm; how He never left me when all seemed lost; how He walked me through what seemed like a catastrophe. But now... when there are difficult transitions that are more personal... I've felt His gentleness. Like a mist. Its not a storm, its not violent, its gentle. And it is what I need right now.

This time, everything went according to our birth plan. We had a scheduled c-section and Noelani waited for her appointment. I gave birth to her with my doctor; in our appointed hospital; at the time we planned. Honestly, because of the way everything happened the first time around I was afraid something would come up to change our plans. My doctor even joked that we better not have another hurricane because she really wanted to deliver Noelani since she didn't get to deliver Noah. But everything was calm that day. I felt peace. I felt God's gentleness and His kindness. Its a new way I'm getting to know Him. I'd seen His goodness and love in the midst of chaos... now I see Him in the seemingly ordinary. He is also present when things go according to plan. Like a mist. He was everywhere. He was with us in the operating room, He was present in our hospital room during recovery and He is present in the current transition season. And Noelani was our gift to show that He is with us still. She is our mist of heaven.

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