Mary Did You Know?

I honestly don’t know who wrote this song, but its one of my favorite Christmas songs. I’ve thought about it before… what if I was in her place? What if I was chosen to carry the savior of the entire world? What if my little baby was the one who spoke me into existence and who would redeem me? I know so many people revere Mary. So many people recognize that she was chosen for a special task. But come to think of it… we all were. Now, having met Noah, I feel the same responsibility that I’m sure Mary felt. She knew who she was giving birth to. She was told in advance that she had been chosen and that the baby she would carry was the son of God. If we think about it though, all parents have a special and important task. The question becomes… Do you know…? Do you know what God has placed in your hands as a parent? Do you know who your child will become? Do you know that the very cheeks you kiss and hands you touch could be destined to change the world? Its the truth. God has a purpose and plan for all of us. But a responsibility as parents is to raise our kids up to know that they can reach their full potential. And the truth is… they’re special. When we found out I was pregnant, Kristhian asked God for a word for our son. For the longest time, he wasn’t sure what blessing to speak over Noah. But when Noah was born, in the midst of everything, God gave a word… and spoke Noah’s purpose. I know our son may not be the savior of the world… but he was sent by the Creator for a special purpose. Knowing that, Kristhian and I have the responsibility to help our son; to raise him knowing that he is set apart for a purpose. Its our responsibility to teach Noah God’s word. Its our task to show him that God is real… to show that He is present in our lives.

During the holidays, we stop and remember the birth of Jesus… we appreciate Him coming to Earth and being born in a manger. We thank Him for making Himself human and coming to save us. His purpose was established way before His birth on Earth. This happens with every one of us and our children. We’re not born by accident or by some coincidence. I don’t know about you but there have been times when I feel very insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Like, whatever I do couldn’t possibly amount to something big. The world is huge… how could someone so small change it? But it can happen. Its like a ripple effect. I impact one life, that life impacts another and so on. What if the life that you were meant to impact and change is the very life you carried? Its the blessing thats living and breathing in your own home? Those little humans that see you day in and day out… what if they’re the ones that are going to go out and cause a change bigger than what you can imagine? Mary’s story is tied to Jesus. Anytime you mention Jesus, its noted that He was born of a virgin named Mary. She’s part of the legacy, even if she’s not the main character. So…what part will you have in your child’s legacy? What kind of mark will you leave for them? This has hit me so hard. Yes, I love my son. Yes, my husband and I work hard to provide for his needs. But that’s not the end of our work. We were entrusted with one of God’s prized possesions. Not only do we need to love this baby and help him thrive, we need to make sure he knows who he is. That he grows up knowing his identity so nothing can sway him when he grows up. So that he can grow and fulfill the purpose for which he was sent.

Through a question, God has challenged me and convicted my heart and I hope to pass on the challenge to you today. If you’re a parent or not, you’ve most likely encountered a child or a teen at some point in your life… did you know that they were sent for a special purpose? Do you know who it is that you’re standing next to, speaking to, working with?

Did you know?

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