Through the Storm

Kristhian: It was a dark and stormy night…

Kayla: That’s exactly how I wanted to start this blog hahaha!

Kristhian: In sync baby ;)…But actually it was more or so around 6pm on a Saturday evening (August 26th). We were at a Super Target in Pearland trying to buy sweets, and chips. Never mind we were supposed to be stocking up for the storm.

Kayla: Everyone had taken all the “Little Debbie Ding Dongs” so I was pretty bummed. We weren’t taking the storm seriously.

Kristhian: They had warned us all week that Hurricane Harvey was going to be one of the most tragic hurricanes to hit Southeast Texas.

Kayla: Since we hadn’t really seen that much action, we took it as nothing was going to happen. We had water at home, and necessary food. We were more concerned with getting snacks just in case we would lose power for a few days.

Kristhian: My mother calls me on my cell phone warning me that the worst was going to happen that same night. I brushed her off, and told her that nothing had happened yet, and that I would call her the next morning making fun of her because nothing was going to happen (SO WRONG!!!)


Kristhian: So we drive back to our home. I want to pause here for a moment. Where we were living at: it’s in a guest house that my in laws let us rent from them so that we could save money for our house. So basically we were close neighbors with my in-laws (this is important to know for the story lol)

So….We drive back home. We decided to go have dinner with my in laws.

Kayla: At that time we started talking about the possibility of the house flooding. My mom had an inkling that it might flood.

Kristhian: Regretfully, I brushed her off lol. I was like “Nah, nothing’s going to happen. There’s not a drop of rain.”

Kayla: We started having a conversation about the Bible. Within 30 minutes, it started pouring outside.

Kristhian: At this point I told Kayla nervously: “Maybe we should go move the cars to higher ground in case it does flood.”

Kayla: We ran outside and got in our different cars planning to quickly drive to higher ground and leave our cars there. Kristhian backed out first and as soon as he backed up, he drove right back in and started waiving at me from his car. In my head I was like “uh, honey baby cakes, why are you driving back in??” And then I saw him point to the street… he drove next to me and rolled down his window and said “Babe, we can’t leave- its already flooded.” At that point, we got out of the cars and I looked at the street. It was completely flooded and there were actually already like two cars stuck there. We ran back inside and told my parents to start prepping for flooding.

Kristhian: After warning my in laws about the flooding, we ran to our small home, and immediately started putting the more important things on high ground: musical instruments, paintings, pictures, canvasses, some shoes, some clothes, some technology stuff, etc.

Kayla: Even after realizing that it would flood, we didn’t think the water would rise too high inside the house, so as soon as we finished, we ran inside my parents’ house to help them in putting things on higher ground. Basically, while we were doing that is when the water started seeping in.

Kristhian: in a matter of an hour and a half, the water had risen up to our knees inside my in laws’ house. It got so bad outside that when I tried to go back to our home to pick up a quick overnight bag, I had to leave through a side window, and I struggled to move because the water was already up to my waist. Once I picked up the overnight bag, I dragged myself through waist high water back to my in laws’ home, and insisted that we evacuate.

Kayla: My mom agreed right away. So we quickly grabbed what we could, Kristhian had our overnight stuff & laptops in a plastic bag, and we left. We immediately realized how bad this storm was going to get. While we were walking in our driveway, the water was already up to my waist and when we walked further to the sidewalk, the water rose to my chest. Now, I was super pregnant during this time so it was hard to walk in the water and I can’t swim. Needless to say, we all started getting pretty worried because we really had no place to go.

Kristhian: The original plan when we evacuated, was that we would get to higher ground, and call one of our relatives to come pick us up. Little did we know that literally all of the roads were completely flooded, and no one could reach us. After walking for about 20 minutes in chest high water, one of our community neighbors yelled out to us. Surprisingly, the water had not yet reached his porch. We stopped by to get some rest, and see if we could get in touch with any of our family members. It was during this pit stop, that we were able to connect with my brother in law, Ivan. He had left earlier to help out at his girlfriend’s house. He told us that there was no flooding in that area. As much as we wanted to continue resting, we realized that the water was reaching our neighbor’s house. So once again, we got our things, and continued our pursuit for higher, and safer grounds.

Kayla: We walked a little further and we ended up stopping at a chase bank. During this time, it was still raining outside and I was quite honestly tired from the walking and I was getting cramps in my legs from the pressure. Not only that but my waist was starting to feel a bit sore. I didn’t want to complain because everyone kept asking me if I was okay and I didn’t want to be the one to slow everyone down. At the Chase bank, we were able to get a quick break. My dad had been carrying Lexie, our dog, and she was getting very antsy so we let her down and to walk a little bit in the parking lot.

Kristhian: So, my mother in law then remembers that she had left her purse back at her house, and Kayla tells me that we should get some cash. So my father in law and I decide to walk back in the flooded roads and pick everything up. The water had risen about a foot. There was a point in where we actually had to swim. It took us about an hour to walk to the house, and back the bank (normally a 3 minute drive).

Kayla: After the chase bank is where the story starts getting a bit more interesting- at least for me.


Kayla: Well, I had been getting cramps in my legs but this is when I started getting cramps in my belly. I also started slowing down.

Kristhian: I kept asking Kayla if she was having contractions. I was so scared that we would be having a baby in the middle of flood waters!

Kayla: I know water births are a thing, but I sure didn’t want to have a water birth… much less a hurricane water birth. Now I had never felt a contraction before but I knew that I wasn’t contracting. I was just in pain. At one point we had to stop because the pain became unbearable to the point where I couldn’t walk further.

Kristhian: In my anxiety I started asking people for help. We started seeing some people driving really tall trucks (thank you Texas). So I lost all shame, and began fervently asking for rides. Sadly, many people were unwilling or too scared to help. We understand, it was a big storm. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from asking for help. Thankfully, there was this awesome guy with a big, tall red truck that offered to give us a ride to a nearby McDonald’s.

Kayla: At the rate we were walking (thanks to me and my big belly) it would’ve taken us forever to get there. It took the truck like five seconds to get to the intersection where the McDonald’s was and from there we set out on another big chunk of our expedition.

Kristhian: This is the part where I always get the goosebumps. We continued walking on chest high water to our destination. 20 minutes into walking, while it was pouring heavily, people started yelling, and screaming for us to stop from behind! Dumbfounded, we turned and asked why. Apparently we were about to walk into a HUGE DITCH!! Since I was leading the pack, I would have been the first to go under. I know that my wife would have gone after me, and my in laws would have followed. It’s a scary thought because we were literally inches away from walking into it. We wouldn’t have been able to swim out of it even if we wanted to because there was a very strong current. Thank you to the people behind us that warned us. They literally saved our lives!

Kayla: That was crazy! We ended up walking back a bit to a building where the people were waiting under a porch and we rested for a bit. By this time, we’d been walking for about three and a half hours. When we set out again and walked for a bit we ended up seeing a group of people walking in the same direction we were headed to. This little exchange kind of breaks my heart when I think about it. I was slowing everyone down and we spotted some people with a boat that had an elderly couple in it. My mom asked them if I could get on because I was 8 months pregnant and super tired. They looked at me and looked back at their boat and said “uh, we’ll come back for her.” But we knew they weren’t going to. I saw my mom’s heart break at that moment. And I kinda just felt like saying “Rude. Bye then, Felicia.” Lol

Kristhian: I had heard the whole interaction. I was MAD!! I wanted to get off the cross, and tell them off haha! It was like a Titanic moment: “there was room for more”. Finally, the water started receding, or at least we walked enough to where it wasn’t flooded. A kind stranger offered us a ride to the street where we were going, and walked the rest of the way to the actual house. Once we got there, we put all of our stuff on the floor, and just sat lol. We are so thankful for the Sarabia family for taking us in.

Kayla: Yes, super thankful! They were so hospitable and sweet. As soon as we got there they gave us towels, we were able to shower and get warmed up and rest. When we woke up later that Sunday, we were super sore from all the walking but we were safe and dry. The next morning, I went into labor… and the rest is history….

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