Noah means...

You know that Jimmy Needham song that says "I need you like a hurricane, thunder crashing wind and rain..."? Yeah, those words took on a whole new meaning for me on August 26, 2017. I was about 8 1/2 months pregnant with Noah and we heard all over the news about Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane caused so much destruction and walking in the high water made me go into labor. When I was admitted to the hospital, the doctor said it was the stress of it and that truly I could last a few more days in early labor. Since no one was sure when the rain would stop, they decided to keep me at the hospital and induce me. I was so scared. Nowhere in our birth plans had we included a hurricane or being induced. We'd planned on waking up one morning (or in the middle of the night) finding out that my water had broken, driving to the hospital and getting admitted and being in labor with our families there. We'd even planned on having a birth photographer to take beautiful pictures that we'd be able to look back on in later years. But the pictures that we have now are so beautiful to me. I don't have a full face of makeup on...I probably look super swollen because I'd cried the entire time. Not only because of the pain of the contractions, but because my heart hurt knowing our baby was going to be born while we'd just lost everything we'd prepared for him. It was out of our control. There was nothing I could do about it. I needed more time. I wanted more time to try and make everything better before he got here. Not to mention there were a thousand questions running through my mind. Would he be healthy? Did walking in that water harm him in any way? Where would we take him? I mean we couldn't even get through the water to get back to our home. We weren't even at the hospital we'd planned to have our baby at. My actual doctor wasn't going to deliver him. Literally every single part of our plan was thrown out the window. I can see all of that in every picture we have of Noah's birth. My mom was able to catch some of the most heartfelt moments for us.

Basically what happened is this: I was induced, the doctors broke my water and we waited for hours for my body to dilate enough to birth Noah. When that never happened, they had to perform a c-section to get our baby out. Another part of our birth plan that was changed. I questioned why God would allow something like this to happen to us. We serve Him. We live for Him. And I asked how this would work out for our good? His word says His plans are for the good. I kept reminding myself that He knew what He was doing. Our son's name is Noah Leví. I didn't really feel the depth of the meaning of his name until he was born. Noah means comfort and with Noah's arrival came a comfort from God that I'd never seen and a provision I could never have experienced otherwise. God used so many people to bless us and it still surprises me to this day. Everything we lost was returned in multiples. We're still rebuilding but God has really used that destruction to show me his mercy. I can identify with Job when he said "My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you." (Job 42:5) I've seen my God, I can still see Him. If I can you any piece of advice, it'd be to look closely not just when you're going through a tough time but when you're going through something great as well. You'll see Him. Its awe-inspiring. Its heavenly.

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