Pregnancy- My Experience So Far

When Kristhian and I found out I was pregnant we were super shocked and super excited! Its funny because we'd prayed about having baby without even thinking it could happen so quickly. Our prayer was literally "God, if you want to give us a baby now, we'll be happy. We know we want a family and we're going to wait on your timing."

I bet God was like "Ok, sounds good... Here you go!" haha!

Thankfully, the beginning of this pregnancy was pretty smooth. I did not suffer from morning sickness... all of the horror stories that I'd heard had made me nervous but all I really experienced was EXTREME fatigue and a little dizziness here and there. Everyone constantly asked how I was doing, apparently some people get really really really sick and don't particularly enjoy pregnancy very much. My experience has been great so far! I'm not going to lie, our little Noah is due next month (September 2017) and now that its getting closer I'm starting to feel just what everyone warned about. Personally, I didn't start showing until about 4 1/2- 5 months... and that's when my clothes started getting a little harder to fit into. I've mainly invested in a few key pieces of maternity clothing. (Like jeans...Preggo clothes are expensive!) I've managed to squeeze into some loose dresses (they're not that loose anymore) and clothes that are one or two sizes larger.

Now that we are in the final stretch, I can honestly say... ouch. The list of little not-so-pleasant experiences are growing. My feet have begun to swell... but joke. The other day I tried fitting into a pair of my most comfy mules (that I've worn countless times during this pregnancy) and my feet would not go in! Seriously... feet looked like little chubby sausages and could not fit into my shoes! For my Mexican friends out there... my feet and toes resemble mini chorizos. For a girl like me, who LOVES wearing high heels, this kind of poses a small problem. Not to mention my fingers have also begun to swell... so my engagement ring doesn't fit anymore and I'm stuck wearing only my wedding band. And don't get me started on sleeping. I love sleep! But when they tell you that it's hard to get comfortable they are not kidding! I find myself tossing and turning all night. And as soon as I get comfortable, I realize I need to use the restroom. (I am not exaggerating... Kristhian knows this haha)

Honestly, sometimes the list of grievances in pregnancy can be so long... and when you think about it, they can be a bit discouraging. I mean, your body completely changes. Everything grows whether you want it to or not. Your body does not respond the way you'd like it to. You feel clumsy sometimes. (well, at least I do) But every single time I feel a little kick in my ribs, (because that's apparently our son's favorite thing to kick) I completely forget about the pain... the swelling... everything. Sometimes, you'll catch me staring at my belly... I'm looking at it move. I can't believe there is another person inside of me! And he's breathing, moving, responding. He's a little part of Kristhian and I. He is the gift that God gave us. You know, love produces fruit. God is love and He produces life. The love between my husband and I has produced this little life...and he's almost here! It is truly beautiful. Its magical. We can't wait to see him, to hold him and get to cuddle with him. Our little Noah Leví is going to be born in just one short month, and we couldn't be more excited and thankful. Seriously, all the aches and pains just fade to the background when I think of holding our little baby. <3

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