Summer Dresses

Ok so... when you think of summer you think of the sun and the beach and having fun. However, summer in Houston, Tx means the humidity is probably on another level of crazy. I've lived in Houston my entire life and lately it seems like we have one season and one season alone- hot. (We can't even call it summer because it'll be 90 degrees in DECEMBER). Anyway, as soon as people found out I'd be pregnant during the summer, I got a great deal of sympathetic looks and women telling me "Good luck! It's the worst to be pregnant in the summer!" (Doesn't that just make you look forward to what is yet to come? lol) One thing that has helped me stay comfortable in the heat are dresses! I've always been a girly girl but I have to admit my go-to was jeans and tees all the way. Being pregnant though, I've found that sometimes dresses are just way more comfy! And they're light! So, I don't feel trapped or sticky in the humidity. Don't get me wrong- I still wear jeans and tees often, but when Houston wants to be Houston, I have to admit, light dresses are the way to go. Most of these aren't even maternity dresses so they could work for everyone! There is something about summer dresses that just seems so effortless and fresh, don't you think?

#style #summer #dresses #heels #fresh

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