Patience and Acceleration Part 2

So, as I explained in Part 1, I was in a very long relationship in which God had to show me how exactly to be patient and wait for something I deeply desired- a marriage and children. I had always known I wanted a family. And He was teaching me to wait for His timing and who it was that He had created me for. I had met Kristhian at a youth service on October 24, 2014. I was part of the band that was leading worship along with some friends and he was translating the message. ( This funny little incident that happened when I corrected him during the preaching. Sorry honey! lol) Anyway, I was still in a relationship so it didn't go past being friends on Facebook. We never saw each other again. However, in 2016, after the relationship ended, I was hired to lead worship at a church in Kemah, Tx under the leadership of none other than Kristhian Estrada. He was the worship pastor at the time. Coincidence? I think not! Here's the catch though... he was in a relationship this time. Again, our interaction didn't go past the church. We respected each other. And slowly, we became friends as a team. Another saying that I've heard and seen proven is the one that says "God works in mysterious ways." Yes He does. Kristhian's relationship also ended in that time. I had been single, praying for my husband. I remember praying one time "Lord, wherever my husband is, if he's lost and refuses to stop and ask for direction I just ask that you bring clarity to him. Keep him safe, keep him close to you, watch his heart... and if by some chance he's currently with wrong person, show him. But guard both of their hearts." Little did I know, I was actually praying for someone who I had so close. Kristhian and I became close friends. Best friends. We spoke about church and ministry, we shared advice and experiences. And a little fire started coming alive. I felt like something inside of me was coming alive. And so did he. We both wanted to be very careful before going into another relationship. Our friendship was really special and we didn't want to ruin it by trying to date. We spoke about it- we were always really up front with each other which I really liked. We gave each other reasons on why maybe we shouldn't try it... but none of those reasons were truly good enough. We prayed about it because we both didn't want to make a mistake. And God said yes. (THANK YOU SWEET, SWEET JESUS lol) From then on, we began a relationship in which we already knew we'd get married. Seriously- so many people freaked out because in a month we were engaged and planning a wedding for December later that year. There was speculation on why we didn't want to wait. Honestly, we never made a decision without prayer. We asked God if we should wait or if we had the green light from Him. The word for that year was acceleration. And what an acceleration it was! He was good with it! Now that I think about it, God is so good and fair. We'd waited a long time to find each other. Even after we met, it wasn't until 2 years later that we were even able to be together. Why would God make us wait any longer? He was ready to accelerate us into the purpose for which He'd called us. We spoke about our calling... God had called us for the same thing and had spoken it to us while we were still children. It was obvious that He had created Kristhian and I to be together. And we were ready to live out a new stage in that calling-together. Again, the acceleration didn't stop there. Before our wedding, Kristhian and I joked about having kids right away. We actually prayed one night and asked God for a baby. We asked Him to give us a baby in His time. It was something that we both had really desired and spoken about all the time. (We both love kids!) Not long after our wedding, we found out we were expecting. Boy were we surprised! Honestly, God has been extremely good to us. Our baby boy is due September 2017. So far, we've seen the fruit of patience... and we've been accelerated into a new journey. I'm so thankful for it... every time I stop and think of the times I literally CRIED thinking God wasn't listening or maybe I would never see the day when I'd be a wife and a mother... and I see how far He's brought us... how the whole time He was right there. He was trying to give me patience. He was trying to prepare me because this was going to happen fast. I see the truth in the verse that says He is capable of more than we can ever think of or imagine (Kristhian also quotes this verse all the time!). God is good. Don't ever doubt it. There are times in the future where I'm sure I'll probably feel like my prayers are unheard... but I can look back and see how faithful, how loving, how sweet God is. When you put your everything in Him, in His hands, He gives you the desires of your heart.

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