Trusting Hands

To me, holding hands is a sign of trust, love, and safety.I remember as a little girl when I'd go shopping with my mom and she would hold my hand so I wouldn't get lost in the store (I was an explorer who liked to play in the clothing racks). Several times I did get lost and every time I would find my mom again, I felt safer as soon as she held my hand. Every time my dad held my hand, I knew nothing could possibly happen to me because he'd protect me from monsters, scary grouchy people or any other kind of dangers. When I was a teenager, I would dream about the day when I would meet a boy who I'd fall in love with. I couldn't wait to hold his hand. I'd get butterflies just thinking about it! When my husband and I went on our first date, he did this little move where we kind of touched fingers a bit and then slowly our hands kind of just enveloped each other. His hand was warm and soft... I felt loved. There are so many times where we've been out somewhere and his hand finds mine and I just feel safe again, I feel cherished. See the cool thing about holding hands is that its something that may seem so simple, but it carries quite a meaning. As kids, our parents hold our hands when they're guiding us through places. When we start to walk, they hold our hands so that we don't fall and hurt ourselves. They hold our hands so we don't get lost. When we're in love, we hold hands as a symbol of unity. We hold hands as a symbol of support. Its a way of showing that we're connected. I'm super nervous because up to this point, my hand has been held. I've been a daughter being guided and supported by my parents. I've been a wife being cherished and united with my husband (and cherishing him too). But now, my role is going to change. Because there is soon going to be a little hand that needs my guidance and support. He's going to look to his daddy and I for help, love and safety. Our son is going to need us, he's going to trust in our hands. So throughout this time, as it has been basically all my life, I feel like I need to hold on to the most trusting hands of all. My God's hands. My grip on His hands is getting tighter. He's been with me all along but now, more than ever, I need His strength and His wisdom. I pray that through Kristhian and I, our son Noah will feel like he's not just holding onto us. I pray he'll feel God's touch through our hands.

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